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that a single address exists at precisely the intersection of “meant to be” and “ever-after”. Chanteclaire is that spot, nestled in the tranquil hills of Western Maryland, near Deep Creek Lake. This is where French country elegance found its perfect complement in the casual, traditional beauty of an American farm.

The farm has a glow and energy that draws us to it... and lights our way. Those who feel it daily are nurtured by the light and use it to create the sheer magic of our events. From the moment you step onto the grounds, you are part of this. The couple’s unique chemistry radiates, and each guest is a spark, contributing to a brilliant, perfect experience.



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Photo Credit: ©Mountain Soul Media

The Barn

Fun & Fancy, very dancy

The barn’s dining room is warm and inviting, with an open design, soaring exposed timbers, and an irresistible dance floor. The question isn’t if, but when, you’ll kick off your shoes and show off your moves.

Photo Credit: ©Karlo Photography

The Silo Bar

Like no other

A 2014 addition to Chanteclaire, the Silo's transformation into a steampunk bar was internationally televised.  We refer to it as "world-famous", and have received messages from as far as Germany from viewers who fell in love with it.   The bar itself is constructed of 200-year-old oak threshing wood floors. The stained glass window panels and found-object chandelier are a perfect backdrop for photo ops on the hand-crafted, spiral staircase.

Photo Credit: ©Laura Stutzman

The Lower Grange

Couches & Cocktails

This objet d'art adorned cocktail bar is where our quirky European sensibility shines through. Before dinner, guests clink glasses and tell stories. Soon those separate lists of friends and family blend seamlessly into one.

Photo Credit: ©The Happy Couple Photography

The Outdoor Dining Deck & Lower Deck

Gorgeous views of the Farm

The upper Dining Deck overlooks the pond and pastoral grounds and provides a place for overflow seating or a getaway for some quiet reflection.

The lower deck is the perfect outdoor extension to our cocktail hour, and always draws a crowd.

Photo Credit: ©The Happy Couple Photography

Photo Credit: ©Laura Stutzman

A Positive Energy

[An unlimited supply]

The love of our craft makes executing memorable events a delightful experience, and fuels our passion.

P.S. There's no way to do this and not make your memories our memories too!