Let Them Eat Cake

When Leigh bought Chanteclaire Farm in 2011, she took on the task of decorating the wedding cakes herself.  The project is always a labor of love, with hours spent bending over each tier to create the couple's perfect vision.  Leigh has studied boxes full of magazines and combed the recesses of Pinterest to make sure that her creations are modern and gorgeous.  The results speak for themselves.

Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are all the rage, and Chanteclaire creates some gorgeous examples.  With cakes as moist and delicious as ours, your guests will never miss the extra icing.  This design lets local produce take a staring role.

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Tree Inspired

Our couples are often drawn to Chanteclaire Farm for the natural beauty that surrounds us.  What better way to honor that love of nature than with a tree inspired wedding cake?

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Clean lines, unique shapes, and fun geometric patterns make for some stunning modern wedding cakes.

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Glitz and glam

Who says a country wedding can't sparkle and shine?

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The More the merrier

From cupcakes, to pies, to a farm favorite- Swedish Princess Cakes, Chanteclaire has options for the couple who aren't interested in a traditional tiered wedding cake.

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Rustic cakes are some of our most popular.  Burlap, twine, and delicate florals make a beautiful statement on your cake.

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Dreamy and feminine, with hints of floral, ruffles, and scallops, romantic wedding cakes are a beautiful finishing touch for your wedding meal.

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