Something Blue

Baby Blue


Everyone who loves Chanteclaire Farm also loves Beau, our vintage blue Ford truck.   But recently we decided that Beau needed a classy little sister for our couples to enjoy. 


We are proud to introduce....Baby Blue!


Baby is a gorgeous 1965 Triumph TR4, available for our couples starting in the 2016 wedding season.   


The Triumph was the epitome of the British sports car in the 1960s, driven by wealthy men wearing racing gloves, a blazer and a wool tweed cap.  They raced through the countryside, and pulled magnificently up to their humble castles.    

Here is a cousin of Baby Blue's in a scene from The Avengers TV Series, 1961-1969Ep. 6.04.


Chanteclaire Farm sprinkles this country chic ideal over the American countryside, so we think Baby Blue will fit in perfectly.

Right now she is snuggled in a garage for the winter, but we can't wait to get the first shots of her with a Bride and Groom waving goodbye down the lane.  Email if you'd like to learn more about featuring her at your event.