signature drinks

Get Your "Signature" Drink On

Our semi-annual tasting and planning events provide an opportunity to show off the year's newest recipes. This spring we focused on signature drinks. Our team gathered a week before the event to taste a bevy (pun intended) of homemade lemonades and teas with champagne, vodka, whiskey and a few french liqueurs. 

The outcome (besides a whole lot of giggling) was a collection of signature drinks that were light enough for a hot day, but strong enough to be be converted to a masculine version. 

We have a feeling these taste tests may continue on a regular basis. You know, just to make sure we still like them. 

Here is our take on four classic drinks:

French 75

Our favorite of all cocktails, this Gin & Juice (ok, there's champagne involved too) concoction can be altered in so many fun ways. We like versions with C2 Cognac & Citron, puréed strawberries or huckleberry juice (below). 


The 1841 birth of Creme de Cassis made Kir a popular French cafe cocktail. We created several variations on this theme using blackberry juice (de mûre), hard cider, Chambord, peach purée or even blood orange (below). 

Midori Sour

We've used the tart apple version of our lemonade and created our own take on the Midori Sour. 

Lillet Rose

This apéritif made from wine is excellent paired with lavender, lemon juice and champagne. It's soft and earthy for those who don't like super sweet cocktails.