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Deep Creek Lake Celebrates 90 Years of Stunning Natural

Beauty & Recreation.

What Is The Deep Creek Experience?

Deep Creek is the land where the “All-American Vacation” was first defined as FUN, FAMILY and a STATION WAGON.  That was more than a half-century ago. Off the beaten path, Deep Creek Lake was a winding, uphill trek from… well, anywhere; the stuff of travel folklore. But for those who had seen or heard of its beauty and charms or needed proof of its existence, it was worth every bump and turn.  Modern travel has made us a weekend getaway, no doubt, but that “worlds away” feeling is still mighty powerful. So if you’re looking for your Deep Creek Experience, rest assured, it’s out there!  The real, authentic vacation… it’s no Big Foot… but keep your eyes peeled!

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Interesting fact...

Long before it was a vacation utopia, Deep Creek's neighbor, Mtn. Lake Park, was A Victorian Hideaway

Before the mid-twentieth century recreation and travel-by-car craze, folks were heading to Garrett County for the Chautauqua. Forty-five years before the creation of the lake (for hydroelectric power) the 1880s marked the beginning of a cultural Renaissance in the mountains of Western Maryland with the railroads serving as the preferred mode of travel from major cities to the north, east and west. The rarefied air attracted presidents and corporate moguls (Cleveland, Firestone and Ford) with a bona fide promise of cooler temperatures and mosquito-free evening strolls. It was the "it" place and a summer sanctuary to be sure.